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Health measures - COVID-19

For your security, well-being and peace of mind

Masks or face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public spaces, since July 18.
In the event that you have forgotten your own, surgical masks will be available
at a cost of $3/unit at the hotel.

The health, safety and well-being of our staff, guests, visitors, co-owners and partners remains our top priority. Hotel Quintessence has always applied high standards of hygiene and cleanliness throughout all the departments. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have elevated those norms.
You will find below the measures we have put in place.

Mesures sanitaires aires communes
Common areas
Mesures sanitaires suites
Mesures sanitaires aires communes
Aires Communes
Mesures sanitaires suites
Mesures sanitaires restaurant
Mesures sanitaires spa
Mesures sanitaires restaurant
Mesures sanitaires spa

Our employees

  • Employees are committed to following proper sanitization and strict hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing. They all have been trained with the Covid-19 procedures.
  • The health of our team members is being carefully monitored with daily temperature checks and a health questionnaire needs to be filled in daily.
  • All employees wear masks or visor or even both, depending on their position.
  • If any member of our team has reason to believe that they have been exposed to Covid-19, the flu or are experiencing symptoms, they will be asked to stay home and follow the measures recommended by the Public Health Agency.

Common areas

  • Until further notice, only guests with a lodging, dining or spa reservation are allowed on site.
  • Guests are invited to use their bathroom’s suite, but our public restrooms are accessible and disinfected on a frequent base.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of our public areas are accentuated and controlled.
  • Various hand disinfection stations have been added in several strategic locations (product made in Quebec, (https://mainforte.co/)
  • Hard surfaces as well as elevator buttons are regularly sanitized and the number of people per elevator is limited to one person (or couple staying in the same suite)
  • Masks or face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public spaces, since July 18 for employees, guests, suppliers and delivery employees. Because of the protective screens installed at the reception desk of the hotel and at the spa desk, employees do not need to wear the mask. However, if they move from their desk, they have to wear it.
  • Decorative objects in the lobby have been removed (except for flowers) as well all books, magazines and objects in our 3rd floor library.
  • The business center (computer in the lobby) remains in place, but it is disinfected after each use.

Upon arrival:

The Suites

  • We already use high performance deep cleaning and disinfection products (Quat-10, which is recognized by Health Canada as a disinfectant for use against SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19 virus). QUAT-10 is a disinfectant solution used specifically in the hospitals. 
  • We are rolling out enhanced technologies including electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel.
  • The renewal of your towels and amenities is available upon request. 
  • The rooms have been rearranged without extra pillows and throws*, the ironing board and iron*, minibars*, magazines and books*, bibles*, dry cleaning bags*, directories* or menus*.
  • *These items could be placed in your suite prior to your arrival (personalized call from our Front Desk team to determine your preferences) or upon request.
  • The Nespresso coffee machine is still available in each suite.
  • We prioritize hand washing with soap as frequently as possible*
  • In order to reduce the number of touch points in your room, the turn down service has been reinvented. This service is offered without contact with bags hung on your door handle.
  • As every suite has a large French doors, an optimal ventilation is made in each of our units. Also In addition, our In-Suite air exchanger system can clean up a suite in less than 23 minutes. 

The restaurant

  • Our dining room and terrace are open, following the Government and Public Health safety recommendations
  • Reservations are required and mandatory for the evening, whether your a lodging guest or an outside guest. We cannot guarantee the table emplacements. Our lodging guest are prioritized.
  • Temperature taking for all arriving guests outside, prior entering the hotel.
    When taking your temperature, if it turns out that you, or the other guests with you, have a fever (either from 38 C, or 100.4 F), a supervisor dedicated to well-being will come to meet you to inform you that access to the restaurant will be refused.
  • To reduce high touched items, the menus are available via a QR code to scan with your mobile device.
    Laminated and disinfected menus are available upon request.
  • The tables, chairs and hard surfaces are disinfected after each use.
    Please allow a 15 minutes and wait to be seated.

The spa

  • Outside guests can reserve treatments and massages, however, due to the health measures in place, they are not allowed to use our spa installations (pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room). Temperature will be taken at the entrance of the hotel, before entering the Spa.
  • The spa reception desk is equipped with a protective screen.
  • Guests will be offered antibacterial gel prior entering the spa. 

Spa facilities:

  • Our lodging guests can enjoy our spa facilities, following the health measures in force;

    Your arrival: Our Suites are guaranteed for 4:00 pm.

    If you arrive before 4:00 pm., you will be invited to leave your luggage and your car with our valets. You can enjoy our restaurant or an activity organized beforehand with our concierge. Due to new health measures in place, to limit the spread of Covid-19, access to our swimming pool, hot tub or access to the lakeside relaxation area is restricted. It will not be possible to enjoy them before 4:00 pm.

    Your departure: Departure time of your Suite is at noon (12:00 pm)

    Due to the health measures in place, to limit the spread of Covid-19, the departure time cannot be extended. You can leave your car with our Valet, and luggage in the secured luggage room, and take advantage of our restaurant or any activity nearby, however access to our swimming pool, hot tub or lake will be restricted and we will allow the use only until 1:00 pm, the latest.
  • It is crucial to respect the social distancing measure (6 feet from others). 
  • Long chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each use. A 15-minute wait is requested between each use. 
  • It is mandatory to shower with soap before using the installations (pool and hot tub).
  • Chlorine tests have been increased for both the pool and hot tub (6 times a day).
  • The time allocated for the use of the hot tub is limited to 15 minutes, in order to allow other guests to use it as well. Capacity of the hot tub: One person maximum (or one couple staying in the same suite). 
    For our lodging guests only.
  • The dry sauna and the steam room are opened with a few rules, for our lodging guests only.


  • The spa is open on a reduced schedule temporarily to allow for sanitation of the facilities between clients, as well as to limit interactions between guests.
    In-room massages are not offered until further notice.
  • Guests must take a shower before and after their massage.
  • The duo massages are available in our double room at the Spa since Sept 14 (couple or same family allowed).
    In-Suite massages are not offered at the moment,
  • The health and hygiene of massage therapists are monitored daily.
  • Guests are asked to complete a health questionnaire and sign it before their massage.
  • Guests must wear a single-use mask during their massage.
  • Hand hygiene is crucial, and massage therapists must wash their hands in the guest’s presence when entering and leaving a massage room.
  • At the end of each massage, the rooms are completely sanitized in accordance with a strict protocol based on INSPQ recommendations.
  • The massage therapists will wear Personal Protective Equipment (mask-visor).
  •  As usual, sheets, blankets, headrests and pillows will be changed between each client.


Pour assurer votre sécurité et votre tranquillité d'esprit.

L'hôtel Quintessence vous présente l'ensemble des mesures mises en place afin d'assurer votre sécurité tout au long de votre séjour. Ces mesures entreront en vigueur à partir de la réouverture jusqu'à nouvel ordre et elles seront mises à jour régulièrement.

Pour votre confort

  • Accueil et accompagnement personnalisé à la Suite
  • Bouteilles d’eau offertes gracieusement à votre arrivée
  • Le service de Conciergerie vous aidera à bien planifier votre séjour;  (concierge@hotelquintessence.com)
  • Le Spa Sans Sabots : salle de conditionnement physique, bain vapeur, sauna sec, salles de massage, bain tourbillon extérieur, piscine à débordement extérieure (non-chauffée (18C) de mi-octobre à mi-juin pour une expérience de bain nordique), manucures, pédicures, soins du visage et du corps avec les produits Babor et Yonka de Paris.
  • Préposé spécialement affecté au bois de foyer pour votre suite
  • Personnel à la réception 24h/24
  • Service de valet ainsi qu’un service de navette pour les déplacements avoisinants
  • Service de rangement d'effets personnels, skis, vélos, bâtons de golf, etc.
  • Service de couverture du soir
  • Service aux chambres
  • Service de massothérapie dans le confort de votre suite devant le feu de foyer
Donnez-nous la chance de faire de votre séjour un souvenir mémorable pour tous vos sens
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