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Dear guests,

Our opening hours are :

9 A.M. to 8 P.M.

(with a Receptionnist from 9 A.M until 6 P.M.)

Our facilities:

- Outdoor infinity pool :

Our swimming pool will begetting a makeover next Spring. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

-Summer: mid-June until mid-October, the pool is heated at 84 F or 29 C 

-Winter: mid-October until mid-June, the pool is not heated but the temperature is maintained at 65 F or 18 C to offer a Scandinavian experience with the adjacent hot tub

-Dry Sauna

- Outdoor hot tub

-2 massage rooms


You will soon be staying at the hotel ?

Please note that availability is limited and we therefore recommend that you reserve your massages or treatments as soon as you book your stay.

You are an outside guest ?

- You are invited to contact us to book treatments or massages, and you could enjoy our facilities, depending on availability.

- The use of our facilities is permitted only upon availability with a $60 fee per adult, and $35 per children (5-12 yrs old) (taxes are extra)

To contact our Spa team: 819-425-8551 (ext 5050)

More details about our Health Protocol


Facial and body treatments


Luxury - Innovation - Results

BABOR has been a pioneer in the professional skincare industry for over five decades. BABOR products and services are always Luxurious, our formulations and techniques are always Innovative, and Results you can see and feel are always achieved.

BABOR has been a pioneer in the professional skincare industry for over five decades.

Nelly de Vuyst

Best of Science and Nature

Nelly De Vuyst® uses only the finest natural raw materials gathered from carefully chosen sources throughout the world. All selected botanicals are guaranteed to be free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Purchase Products

*We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to purchase your Babor and YonKa products and our Gift Certificates.
Contact us, 819-425-3400 or 1-866-425-3400 or 819-425-8551 #5050

...matching pleasure with effectiveness,
sophistication with simplicity, scientific research with beauty therapists’ expertise...

Relax, Revive and Rejuvinate

Indulge in a day of relaxation with our personnalized treatments.

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3004, chemin de la Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant , Québec, J8E 1E1, Canada
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3004, chemin de la Chapelle
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