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Spa Sans Sabots redefines the spa experience
with highly personalized and well-appointed pampering.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a massage in one of our two treatment rooms (available for hotel guests and outside guests).  We invite you to read the health protocol in place. Reservations are required.
Before making your reservation, please consult the
contraindications to massages.

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Swedish Massage

This traditional Swedish massage improves blood circulation and blood flow to the heart, stimulates the lymphatic system and calms the nervous system. Light rhythmic strokes progress to deeper targeted pressure to provide profound muscle relaxation.

$170 for 60 min. | $225 for 90 min.

* Swedish massage adapted for pregnant women also available
$170 for 60 min.
*Extra $10 fee + taxes for an In-Suite massage

Therapeutic Massage

By combining well-being and therapy, this type of massage has many beneficial effects. It offers the opportunity to relax and de-stress, it relieves muscle pain, relieves tension and optimizes the flexibility of joints by eliminating toxins.

$185 for 60 min. | $240 for 90 min.

*Extra $10 fee + taxes for an In-Suite massage

Prenatal massage

Experience a soothing prenatal massage in a serene setting tailored to the needs of expectant mothers. This specialized treatment promotes relaxation and alleviates the common tensions associated with pregnancy. Utilizing a gentle, neutral oil without essential oils, it offers relief for back pain, lower back discomfort, and leg pain.

$185 for 60 min. | $240 for 90 min.

* Cushions suitable for pregnant women.

*Extra $10 fee + taxes for an In-Suite massage

Oncology massage therapy

Oncology massage therapy, or massage adapted for people with cancer, is a form of support for people undergoing treatment for cancer or in remission.

The massage aims to offer a moment of comfort and well-being to help them through this life challenge.

$210 for 60 min.

Deep tissue

The deep tissue massage is a massage therapy technique that aims to stretch and release the different layers of muscle tissue and surrounding fascia. In addition to providing pain relief, this type of massage helps improve mobility restrictions resulting from musculoskeletal tensions or injuries.

$200 for 60 min. | $260 for 90 min.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the application of heated volcanic stones covered with oil. These smooth stones are placed at specific energy points and used to massage the body. The heat penetrates the muscles to release tension, inducing a feeling of well-being and harmony - the deepest level of relaxation. (Offer only at the spa)

$235 for 90 min.

* Swedish massage and specific back treatment with hot stones also available ($195 for 60 min.)

* Not offered for pregnant women

Spa Sans Sabots Feet Pampering

The foot pampering – feet exfoliation, paraffin treatment and relaxing leg massage – A pure delight!

$170 for 60 min.
* Not offered for pregnant women

Foot pampering and Swedish massage duo

Feet exfoliation, paraffin treatment and feet massage combined with a full Swedish massage.

$225 for 90 min.
* Not offered for pregnant women

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is sometimes called 'massage' because it involves hand movements in your body but it is very different. A gentle therapeutic and rhythmic massage that stimulates the lymph flow around the body. This helps to flush out the water excess and toxins, aiding for a general well-being.

$190 for 60 min. (Specific zone)
$240 for 90 min. (Full body)

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An unforgetable trio that starts with a body and feet scrub, followed by a foot pampering, paraffin treatment and relaxing foot massage completed with a swedish massage light rhythmic strokes progress to deeper targeted pressure to provide profound muscle relaxation. A pure delight!

$340 for 150 min.

Plantar Reflexology and Swedish Massage Duo

Enjoy all the benefits of a foot reflexology session combined with a Swedish massage. Relaxation guaranteed!

90 min - $245

Foot reflexology

Plantar reflexology is a massage method using acupressure on reflex zones located on the feet where each of these zones correspond to a particular organ. Providing relaxation and well-being, this type of massage has many benefits on the whole body that allows a better management of stress, stimulates blood circulation, reduces osteo-muscular pain, re-harmonizes the nervous system and promotes the elimination of toxins.

60 min - $170

Spa Sans Sabots Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments: 24 hours in advance: no charge. Less than 24 hours in advance: for cancellations, a 100% charge will apply. For rescheduling the same day, a $50 charge per treatment will apply. These charges will be billed to the credit card given as a guarantee upon reservation or to your hotel room account.

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